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Female Genital Mutilation

The practice of female genital mutilation was made illegal in the United Kingdom in 1985. Despite this, the abusive practice continues to the present day with the first FGM protection order only being issued as recently as July 2015.

A&N speak out against this act and will advise those at risk of the steps that can be taken to protect the vulnerable from being harmed.

FGM (also known as female circumcision) is an illegal procedure often carried out without the benefit of medical knowledge or training. Female genital organs are cut or intentionally altered causing injury, the impact of which has lifelong physical and psychological consequences for the victim.

FGM is common practice on both women and children in certain cultures. It is a form of abuse and there are emergency steps that can be taken to protect women and children who are at risk.

If you believe that you, or your daughter, are at risk of FGM we will apply on your behalf for an FGM Protection Order. We will refer you to our support agency partners to ensure that your health, safety and well being are taken care of.

The FGM Protection Order can prohibit a child being taken out of the country for the procedure and the court has the power to remove or restrict passports and travel documents.

You may be eligible for legal aid and we will be able to give you immediate advice about how you can ensure your own safety or the safety of a woman or child about whom you are concerned.

Speak to our Initial Client Coordinator on 03300 245750 for initial advice and help.

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