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Special Guardianship Order

This is an order which aims to provide a permanent home for children with members of their extended family or with family friends or other significant adults. The Special Guardianship Order is granted in circumstances where, for any number of reasons, a child is not able to be cared for by their mother or father.

When a Special Guardianship Order is made, the local authority has a duty to provide support. This might include financial support or help in managing contact arrangements. We can advise you on what would constitute an appropriate package of support from the local authority and the range of other services that might be available to you.

We can advise and represent you in making such an application to the family court. The importance of this order is that it confers greater rights and responsibility upon the special guardians. The birth parents will share parental responsibility with you. Should there be a dispute however, in relation to decision making for the child, you as special guardians can make the final decision.

The order is meant to be a long term, permanent order and if granted will mean the child will continue to live with you until they are an adult.

You can contact us if a social worker supports you in caring for a child. We can represent you in care proceedings and you may be eligible for legal aid to cover the costs of this. We will make sure the correct support packages are in place.

It may be that you already have the children living with you and want to secure that placement. We can apply to the court on your behalf for a Special Guardianship Order. We will speak with your social worker direct and discuss with them the practical and financial support to which you may be entitled. This could include funding the court application on your behalf.

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I am so very grateful for Liz’s help. If it wasn’t for her, my little boy would have been adopted and that would have messed up the rest of my life. My new little daughter wouldn’t be with me and I really think I wouldn’t be here too. She is amazing. Not only did she save my kids life but mine too. Liz does more than what her job actually is, a lot more. She gave me a kick up the arse when I needed it. Put me straight and told me what I needed to do to change. She was like the beginning of my new life.

Chantel, Chesterfield