Family law is all we do and client care is at the heart of our business. Family relationships are fundamental to most people’s lives. When they go wrong it can be shattering. We work hard to give our clients the advice and support that is needed during what can be a difficult time. We have many years experience of a variety of family problems. We will be sensitive and we will not judge but we will give you the best advice based upon years of experience in representing and advising many different family members in many different types of family situations.

There are many areas of family law and as a family law firm we cover all the areas highlighted below. If you are unsure if we can help in your circumstances please call us, we offer a free 30 minute initial advice session.

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Our particular specialism and expertise is representing parents where there is a legal dispute about the care of a child. Our solicitors are members of the Law Society children panel which means that they have particular experience in representing children or family members in court proceedings which will determine where a child shall live, with whom the child shall have contact or even whether a child is placed into foster care.


Whether you are wanting to lay down foundations for a new relationship or you are going through the difficult decision of separating from your partner, we can help. We offer expert advice about legal disputes within a relationship, marriage or civil partnership. We also have an excellent Client Care Manager to help victims of domestic abuse or forced marriage.


When partners separate it can be a distressing and confusing time. If you are married, unmarried or in a same sex relationship there are many legal issues that need to be resolved surrounding the finances and children of the relationship. We are able to offer you the representation suited to your needs and circumstances whether you need a sympathetic ear or robust representation.


Families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Family life is evolving. Step parents and blended families are more common place. Same sex couples can marry. Surrogacy and fertility treatment is playing an increasing role in creating families. Families move, work and travel abroad adding a further dimension. Our starting point is to understand a family from our client’s point of view.


International travel is commonplace and as a consequence families with an international element are equally more commonplace. People are forming relations with different nationals or marrying in different countries, having children with different nationalities, moving for work purposes and acquiring assets abroad. The adoption of children from abroad is also growing.


I think Helen has done amazingly and fought really hard for my case. It is only due to her that I have my son back. I like that Helen is direct and to the point and if I’m not doing something that I should be, then Helen will tell me straight up. Helen is passionate about what she does and I am really grateful to her.

Joannie, Luton

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