Pre-Nuptial Agreements

It is not uncommon for couples to consider a Pre-Nuptial agreement with a view to avoiding complex, costly and emotionally draining financial disputes should the marriage breakdown.

In English Law, the court has absolute discretion to make such orders as it sees fit and for this reason, pre-nuptial agreements are not binding. However, in practice a court will take into account a previously agreed contract when determining what should happen to your property should the marriage end. Any agreement therefore needs to be carefully drafted in order for the court to give it consideration in any subsequent financial dispute.

The agreements themselves are not particularly straight forward documents. Our specialist divorce and finance lawyers will help you to negotiate an appropriate agreement and will work closely with you and your partner’s representative to make sure you are both aware of each other’s financial circumstances. We can help take the pressure off what can be emotional but quite practical discussions and ensure that any agreement suitably reflects your circumstances and needs.

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I am really thankful for everything that Laura and Julie did for us. Laura kept us well informed and each stage of the process was explained putting our minds at ease. Our Grandchildren’s future is now secure thanks to Laura. The whole office is great. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them.

Faye, Worksop


Thank you so much for working so hard to get the result my family really wanted and needed. Ruth you were absolutely amazing in court! Natalie your statement was perfect! We Couldn’t have asked for more.

Laura, Chesterfield

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