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When partners separate it can be a distressing and confusing time. If you are married, unmarried or in a same sex relationship there are many legal issues that need to be resolved surrounding the finances and children of the relationship. We are able to offer you the representation suited to your needs and circumstances whether you need a sympathetic ear or robust representation.

A relationship coming to an end can be extremely stressful and emotional. On top of this, practical matters such as financial arrangements and any decisions about the arrangements for a child need attention. At A&N we offer specialist advice concerning all aspects of separation.

Please speak to one of our specialist team who can advise you on the steps forward.

We can assist you with the following:

Divorce Proceedings

The ending of a marriage or civil partnership can be a very difficult and confusing time for you and your family. We can guide you through the process and help you reach a speedy conclusion so that you can begin looking to the next chapter in your life.

Financial Settlements

Upon the breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership, Orders for financial settlement cannot take effect until after the decree nisi in divorce, judicial separation or dissolution of the civil partnership.

Child Arrangements

When parents separate (married, unmarried or same sex), consideration needs to be given to the arrangements for any children such as where and with whom they are going to live, whether they need to change school and how often they will see the other parent. These arrangements should be agreed between the parents wherever possible.

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I’ve been represented by other solicitors before but none looked after me like Helen did. She is really friendly and has been there for me even after the case finished. I genuinely believe she cares about her clients and this is not just her job. If I ever need a solicitor again I would come back and have already passed Helen’s name on to a friend.

Gavin from Sheffield